The Road to Having Longer and Thicker Eyelashes: Idol Lash Eyelash Growth Serum

In this world where impressions can last a lifetime, a person’s image can determine the success of one’s endeavors, and this is why it is very important for people to enhance their physical appearance. People who, unfortunately, don’t have natural good looks can improve their appearance with the help of a wide array of cosmetic products available in the market. These products help people to enhance their self-esteem and gain confidence in themselves.

Dubbed as the window to a person’s soul, people have always tried to enhance the look of their eyes. A person’s eyes is the most expressive part of the body, and the right look can do wonders in improving one’s appearance. Long and thick eyelashes are considered beautiful and are favoured over short and brittle ones. Most women have been envious of the long and thick eyelashes that Hollywood stars have as it gives a different impact in their facial appearance.

With the advent of technology, the scope of beauty products widened and these included cosmetic eye products. Old cosmetic products were even further improved to yield greater results. Before, mascara was the only product to use if you wanted to give your eyes some depth. Mascaras stain your eyelashes, giving the impression that it is thicker. As time progressed, women have more options to choose from, such as fake lashes or eyelash curlers, to get longer eyelashes. However, using these products can have dire consequences. Fake eyelashes can cause irritation on the skin and it is also quite easy to distinguish from natural eyelashes making it less attractive. It can also worsen the condition of your eyelashes and cause your natural eyelashes to fall or break. On the other hand, using eyelash curlers can make your eyelashes brittle and although it have been a long-time favorite, the impression of having thicker eyelashes that is created by using mascaras does not always stand up to the occasion.


Is there no more hope for those not blessed by naturally long and thick eyelashes? Fortunately, there is. Eyelash growth serum has been invented to provide exactly what these people need: long, luscious, thick eyelashes. An eyelash growth serum is an alternative that people can take to achieve their dream of having longer and thicker eyelashes. However, it is important to take note that an eyelash growth serum is entirely different from a moisturizing agent. Moisturizing agents only nourish the eyelashes that you already have but a genuine eyelash growth serum should do more than that. It should help you to naturally grow thicker and longer eyelashes and at the same time, moisturize the ones that you already have.

Generally, eyelash growth serum comes in two different types. The first type is the natural eyelash growth serum that makes use of natural and organic substances while the other one is eyelash growth serum which is made out of chemicals with the promise of faster results. While it may be true that it make take some time before results can be seen using the natural eyelash growth serums, the formulas loaded with chemicals can cause more side effects. It may cause skin irritation, allergies and other negative effects which may cause irreversible damage to one’s eyes. Natural eyelash growth serums work within the body leading to great results with very minimal or no side effects.

When it comes to natural growth serums, Idol Lash eyelash growth serum is the one of the best in the market. It has been created by a trusted and respected company that has been operating for 15 years, with the aim of helping women achieve their dream of having longer and thicker eyelashes. Its special formula is designed and tested to be extremely safe. The great results that people get from this product has made it a leading brand from the time that it was first released in the market until now.

There are several reasons why Idol Lash stands out among other eyelash growth serum products. First, it was done by a reputable company. The Idol Lash company has been very forthright about the quality of their products and has been very honest about what their products can or cannot do. They have not mislead customers into thinking that the Idol Lash eyelash growth serum can thicken the eyelashes, which is impossible anatomically. Instead, they had taken into themselves to explain the process to the customers so as to set correct expectations that the product improves eyelash density by improved growth and regrowth.

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The Idol Lash eyelash growth serum went through thorough and measurable clinical trials before it was sold to the public. Doctors and cosmeceutical researchers have performed this study with the results validated using the analysis tool SigmaScan. The company has even been very transparent with the trials that were conducted and with the results that were obtained. The company even included an exhaustive list of ingredients in the package to provide transparency and give peace of mind to the customers who are going to use the said product.

Aside from this, one does not have to worry about the substances used to create the Idol Lash eyelash growth serum. It was entirely made of natural and organic products which makes it safe to be used by anyone of any age. It has vitamins to nourish the hair follicles and the skin of your eyelid, natural proteins to nourish and strengthen each strand of your eyelash and Sodium Cocoyl Collagen Amino Acid from tender coconuts to achieve that shiny finish. The kelp extract in this magnificent product strengthens and rejuvenates eyelashes, the nettle extract works on the hair shaft to stimulate and accelerate growth, polypeptides to save your eyelashes from damage and chamomile extract prevent them from falling out.

It also has honey extract which conditions each strand of your eyelash, keratin to gain that darker, thicker look and other vitamins essential for hair growth. Completing the list is purified water, Butylene glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Panthenol, Allantoin, Alfalfa Extract, Arnica Extract, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Acetamide MEA, Sorbitol, Cocoyl Sarcosine, Wheat Germ Acid, Triticum Vulgare (Wheat) Germ Oil, Linolenic Acid, Sulfur, Polysorbate 80, Oleth-10, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycans, Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17, Tetrasodium EDTA, Phenoxyethanol, Ethyhexylglycerin, Bitter Orange Flower Oil, and Polysorbate 20, which are all hair and skin conditioning, moisturizing and cleansing agents. Most of these ingredients are non-irritating to the skin in the eye. The ingredients of the Idol Lash eyelash growth serum have been clinically proven to be completely safe that even people who wears contact lenses can use it. In addition, because these are all natural and organic ingredients, this eyelash growth serum does not have side effects.

Another great thing about this specially formulated eyelash growth serum is that one can already achieve visible results within 2-3 weeks! As shown in the results of the clinical tests, the Idol Lash eyelash growth serum can cause your eyelash density to increase up to 82% and also increase the length of your eyelashes up to 25% in just 2-4 weeks. No other eyelash growth serum that is available in the market can yield such great results other than Idol Lash eyelash growth serum. It is also priced competitively in the market and since you don’t need to have a prescription in order to buy this product, the Idol Lash eyelash growth serum is comparatively easier to get than other eyelash growth products which requires medical prescription.

This product is also very easy to use. You just have to remove any eye makeup with your face cleaner and apply it at the base of your upper and lower eyelashes, just like how one applies a typical liquid eyeliner. The Idol Lash eyelash growth serum even comes with a customized brush and the amount of liquid in it is already enough to cover both your upper and lower eyelashes. One must remember, though, that in order to maintain those longer and thicker eyelashes, one must regularly use this product.


If you think that this product cannot get any better then you are in for a surprise! The Idol Lash company offers great discounts and promos when you buy the product and even offers free shipping in the USA. There is also a generous 90 day money back guarantee and a discounted price when you purchase more than a month’s worth of product at a time from the website. It was also found that the Idol Lash eyelash growth serum not only works on eyelashes, but also on eyebrows, making it fuller. It is simply astonishing, right?

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The great results one can get from using the Idol Lash eyelash growth serum has been proven, not only in the laboratory, but also by the millions of satisfied users by this product. Glowing testimonials can be found and read in the internet. These people simply love the results that they got after using the product. Although it may take more time for other people to achieve results, depending on how their bodies react to the product, the wait was certainly worth it.Growth serum

A reputable company, clinically-proven to be safe, natural and organic ingredients, discounted offers and promos, competitive prices, fast and great results, extremely satisfied customers – these are the things that separate the Idol Lash eyelash growth serum from other similar products that are also available in the market. You can save lots of money in using this product, not only because of the discounted prices that you may get, but also because it saves you a trip to the cosmetic surgeon and still get the results that you wanted. The clinical trials were done by professionals and the results were properly validated ensuring that the product will deliver what it promises to do. If you have always been dreaming of having eyelashes like the Hollywood celebrities then Idol Lash eyelash growth serum is the perfect product for you. It is quality and perfection molded into one product to address the demand of the public.